SalsaCrazy Presents: The Complete Salsa Dance Mastery System, 5 DVD Package. Learn to Salsa Dance!

SalsaCrazy Presents: The Complete Salsa Dance Mastery System, 5 DVD Package. Learn to Salsa Dance!
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SalsaCrazy Presents: The Complete Salsa Dance Mastery System, 5 DVD Package. Learn to Salsa Dance!



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Product Details:
Format: Multiple Formats, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 5
Run Time: 600 minutes
DVD Release Date: September 15, 2006
Average Customer Rating: based on 106 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:5.0 ( 106 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

26 of 27 found the following review helpful:

5Good Purchase for One or Couple  Jun 08, 2007
By Peter Noble "Nobleway"
A friend who is a good dancer and salsa teacher recommended these DVD's including the beginner ones. I like them. Produced in the Bay Area the instrucion is 'on 1'. I have been taking lessons 'on 1' in clubs and in a local studio since end of 2006 and I am an intermediate dancer. I thought I would not learn much from the first videos in the series but would only use them to get friends interested and started. In fact I have picked up a bit of styling for basic moves as well as some valuable tips in the first week of just watching. Really I have also picked up some new moves from the beginner videos which surprised me. I have watched once with some friends and we had fun with it and learned together.

Most of my dancing in the clubs has been in the open position, but much of the videos teach from the closed position with many of the turns lead into with an open break. The dancers are very smooth. The first videos go slow but some of the tips with details about hand positions, angles,and connection are helpful. The teachers give many variations of the same move which I appreciate as a lead. The teacher is silly and that keeps it entertaining. I plan to go through the videos by myself and with friends to add to my and our dancing repertoire, especially in the closed postion. I will update this if I can as I spend more time with the videos.

In addition to instruction I liked the history of salsa interview at the end of the first video. The history is not just the music but on the origin of the body movements. Nods are given to Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, ballroom dancing in US especially in New York. Additionally there is info on etiquette from the teacher which is either helpful or funny.

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5Salsa Crazy 5 CD Set  Mar 29, 2007
By Waliki Tata "Lamerchocha"
I bought this 5 set CD thinking I could probably skip most of the beginner stuff. I was wrong! I had been taking private lessons for 2 years on and off. The 3 beginner tapes were more than just informative. I had been learning more of a ballroom style, and these tapes have the kind of moves I actually see on the dance floor. I was leery of learning by a CD method because I had checked out a tape from the library and did not feel like I had learned anything. The leader role is well explained in these tapes, from hand position to feet - step by step. And the progression from different leads and moves is very logical and easy to develop upon. There are some places where the instructor misspeaks and says one thing and does another, so the tape could be improved upon - that is a criticism. The 3 CD beginner set might be as far as you want to go, because the intermediate tapes are too advanced for me so far (after a month of having the tapes). I think this is a good way to learn Salsa. My partner did not want to go out and dance with me for 4 years, but when I started learning with these tapes we went out and had a good time on the dance floor for the first time! Thank you Salsa Crazy!

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5The best course ever  May 19, 2007
By J Sanchez
We've tried several salsa courses, but this is by far the best.

Despite being at intermediate level with other courses, we started from the beginning with this one and we're really glad we did so. In this DVD they really take their time to teach you everything, and we've discovered and understood now many things that are not clear in other courses.

This is a must if you want to learn salsa on your own.

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5Good way to begin learning salsa  Jan 01, 2012
By J. Torres Jr. "Salsa1986"
I used this as a way to learn some turns I didnt know how to do. It is a set of DVD's which contain a couple guiding you from the basic "123,567", Cross-body lead, into a more solid flow. The vibe I got from the DVD is it's an instructional set on how to dance "club salsa", which in most cases most latinos will teach you that anyways. Ballroom salsa is just that....BALLROOM. This is for the clubs. Have your remote handy, because you will have to rewind and redo the move. Remember, practice makes perfect, and if you want to tear it up at the clubs, you need a partner. So if you are single, dont get this. This is defintely made for couples.

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5Clear instruction, great moves, and not too fast!  Dec 18, 2014
By Holly SouthernMomLoves
I received the complete Salsa Dance Mastery System for review, which is a 5 DVD set with almost 10 hours of instruction. The 5 DVDs included are the Beginners Vol. 1, 2, & 3, and Intermediate Vol. 1 & 2.

The instructor (Evan) was very clear, and took things slowly. He went over the basic rhythms and steps over and over to give you plenty of time to get the feel for Salsa beats. There is also the picture in picture feature in these DVDs, so you can watch the total picture or a closeup of the footwork.

In the first DVD you learn the basic footwork, some breaks and turns, and a few stylistic moves to get you right out and dancing. In addition to the dance instruction, there are great bonus features on the DVD that go over some basic dance floor etiquette, like how to ask, how to accept, and how to refuse. There is also as history of Salsa that I found interesting.

The second DVD takes up where the first DVD left off and expounds on the instruction you learned in Vol.1, and also features music by Benny Velarde. You'll learn additional turns, rolls, handhold patterns, and stylistic moves that will make you look like a pro. An extra feature in this disc is an additional beginner's dance floor etiquette tip that is probably the most important! ;)

The third DVD also comes right off of the instruction in Volume 2. You'll learn more difficult patterns, turns, and moves that will bring you right up to Intermediate level. An additional DVD feature continues the beginners etiquette lesson.

The fourth DVD is actually the first Intermediate DVD. If you finished 1-3, you've done all of the Beginner's lessons. In this DVD, you'll learn much more difficult footwork and moves like double turns and more patterns with multiple variations, all set to some great salsa music. You'll also get more tips and etiquette.

The fifth DVD finishes up your Intermediate lessons to bring you right up to advanced Salsa dancing. You'll learn more difficult patterns, and styling tips and techniques to help you look as smooth as possible on the dance floor. You'll also learn some dips, which hadn't been covered yet.

Overall, these were pretty easy to learn with a huge amount of clear instruction and lots of practice (not that they were all that easy to do, lol!) The instructor starts with the very basics and builds on those moves to get more and more complicated. But while things are speeding up, you're still getting so much repetition of the basics, that it will really stick with you. Nothing is just thrown at you; You'll learn the basics of every move before you get too advanced. Also, you'll get an amazing workout!

I loved this DVD and when I'm ready to learn another dance, I'll definitely get them from Dance Crazy.

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