Dance Workout

Dance Workout

Pilates for Dancers - Get the Dancer's Body

Pilates for Dancers - Get the Dancer's Body
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Pilates for Dancers - Get the Dancer's Body



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Product Details:
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 1
Run Time: 100 minutes
DVD Release Date: March 31, 2006
Average Customer Rating: based on 114 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 114 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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5A Workout Worth Having  May 24, 2006
By Mowrey
I've been dancing for fifteen year. Before using this DVD, I considered my self fairly limber and having a great amount of core strength. Using this DVD over the last month, though, I can see marked improvement in both areas--my abs and obliques showing the most pronounced results. It's a great workout and I would encourage all dancers to add the DVD to their workout libraries.

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5A Workout for Any Body  May 05, 2006
By V. Cole
First, a confession. I had heard about Pilates before but didn't really know what it was...and I certainly didn't know what to expect when I popped in Salsa Crazy's Pilates for Dancers DVD. With a groggy mind and a body unwilling to cooperate with even the simplest commands, I was hoping that Pilates wasn't some new age code word for aerobics. I knew my body couldn't handle that. As I turned on the DVD, I was greeted by serene music. Had my voice not been so scratchy, I would've sung my thanks aloud.

The DVD starts off, as most, with a nice warm-up. But there was no walking in place or jogging. Nope. This routine starts with stretching and deep breathing-a hint of the relaxing but focused workout to come. After that, I settled in onto the floor for a range of floor exercises. Now, there are 24 different exercises demonstrated on the DVD, each targeting different areas of the body and skill / strength levels so I won't describe them in all detail. I will tell you though that though some of the exercises seem deceivingly simple, they will provide you with a challenging workout-particularly if you breathe and contract muscles as demonstrated and explained by the instructor. Some of the exercises you will learn on Pilates for Dancers include the spine supine twist, knee folds, bridges (beginning as well as intermediate / advanced), leg stretches, swimmers, and side leg lifts.

One of the best tings about this DVD is that the lessons taught are ideal, as I've mentioned earlier, for all fitness, strength and flexibility levels. The first exercises on the DVD are geared towards beginners. In most cases one, simple movement is shown. As the DVD progresses, so do the complexity of the movements and the strength required to execute the exercises properly. Some exercises will require that you recall movements from the beginning exercises and that you do them simultaneously while others will be more difficult ways of performing beginning exercises to challenge and increase your strength.

Pilates for Dancers is not designed to entertain, it is however designed to give you a good workout...and that it does. The gluteals, abdominals and obliques, (collectively called your core) are targeted individually and jointly; the shoulders and back muscle regions are also targeted for toning. Overall, Pilates for Dancers provides a low-impact, full-body work out that's a nice compliment to traditional cardio and weight training workouts.

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5Makes For a Stronger Body  Jun 16, 2006
By SunshineGal
My abdominals hurt. But I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, that was one of the main reasons that I bought Pilates for Dancers. Overall I'm in pretty decent shape but I wanted to strengthen my stomach, back and [...] muscles. The workout is a low-intensity way for me to achieve just that. Between the music and the fluid transition between each of the exercises, you'll get a workout that will make you perspire but that won't leave you completely fatigued by the time it's done. I'm certainly getting all that I paid for and more.

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5Strength Training for the Sedentary  Jun 12, 2006
By Sky
I used to be extremely active when I was younger but slacked off when I started raising my kids so I picked up this DVD, along with a couple of the Salsa DVDs or Salsa Dance Workout, to help get me back into shaper. This is the one that I use most often because I'm really focusing on strengthening my abs and stomach and redefining muscles I once had. Pilates for dancers, as you would probably guess, isn't a fast-paced DVD so I use it mostly in the morning to start my day. Ad though it's called "Pilates For Dancers" it's a really good workout for anyone--you don't have to have rhythm to do the workout ?--and any age. I use the dance DVDs or the Salsa Dance Workout two to three times a week to get in a bit of cardio. I enjoy all of the DVDs and would recommend them to anyone.

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5It Can't Get Any Easier Than This For Beginners!  Nov 13, 2014
By Blossoms
Pilates has always been on my mind to try, but I have always been afraid of it because it just looks too complicated, and every time I see it being done by a group of people, they look like they've done it for many years and/or it seemed to me that I would have to spend years perfecting how to do every one of those complicated movements. And for that reason I never bothered to learn Pilates or even try it.

When I got Pilates for Dancers in the mail, I was eager to see how this video DVD is going to help me learn Pilates, and wow, I was pretty impressed with it! It explains everything on a step-by-step and I never even once got lost with any of the movements. I also love the warm up exercises in the beginning as they helped me stretch better so that I can perform the Pilates movements a lot easier!

The best part about it is that I can rewind something I didn't quite understand, and if I wanted to take a break, I can just pause the DVD and go back to it when I feel ready again!

I am so happy that I can finally do Pilates in a very easy-to-follow directions, as it encouraged me to love Pilates and never be afraid again to try it!

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