Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance, Volume 2: Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners

Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance, Volume 2: Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners
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Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance, Volume 2: Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners



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Product Details:
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 1
Run Time: 120 minutes
DVD Release Date: November 17, 2004
Average Customer Rating: based on 50 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 50 customer reviews )
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5After finishing Learn to Dance Salsa One, we HAD to try this one  Nov 18, 2005
By Kcorn "reviewer"
Leading naturally from Learn to Dance Salsa One, this DVD continues the excellent intrustional techniques that make it a standout, as well as plent of additional movements to add to your repertoire, insider secrets and special tips to continue your growth and improvement as a dancer.

Anyone reading my review of Learn to Dance Salsa One will realize that I was very, very nervous about my ability to learn this dance, a style of dance I'd always admired but thought far beyond my skills.

Trust me, if I can do this, ANYONE can. It is not only detailed but clearly explained and the DVD is an excellent value, containing over 2 hours of instruction. The time flies by and before you know it, you've not only gotten valuable info about the various patterns and variations of Salsa but you've been moving for quite some time, getting exercise while having fun.

The "picture in picture" close ups help ensure the beginning dancer gets every step down correctly and there are also full length shots so you can see how your entire body should move. Once you master the basics, it becomes automatic and you'll find yourself amazed to be dancing Salsa and looking better than you'd ever expected! Highly recommended!

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5Expert Salsa Instruction, Vol 2  Oct 31, 2005
By Alejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator"
Once one has mastered the very important style, posture, and basic moves from the Salsa Crazy Beginners Volume 1, you're ready for more complex patterns. This DVD contains the "Inside Turn" and its many variations, the "Hammerlock", and the "Cross Body Lead" ("the move that separates the beginner from the intermediate"). The instruction is at a much quicker, up-to-tempo pace than in Vol. # 1, and there is more dancing to music (from Benny Velarde y Super Combo) rather than the slowed down verbal counts from teacher Evan Margolis. Evan has a marvelous partner in Moira Denike, who also gives excellent tips for the women. Both have delightful personalities, and are great to watch and learn from. The instruction portion of this DVD is a terrific 1 hour and 45 minutes + an extra warm-up with an explanation of different handholds, and Evan is an extremely meticulous and articulate teacher.

The visual/darkness problems I had with Vol. 1 on my 12-year old television are here solved, with Evan wearing light colored clothes, and Moira showing her spectacular toned legs in a nifty outfit throughout the lesson. There is also an insert box on the lower left-hand corner, which is usually focused on the feet, and is helpful. Bonus extras are Evan's "Dance and Club Etiquette" tips, with the very important topic of "Hygiene"! Since a night of Salsa dancing probably equals several aerobic classes (and is much more fun!), these tips are essentials. There is also the extra warm-up with music, and some funny outtakes. As a former dancer, I really appreciate Evan's technique, his calm, relaxed approach to teaching, and his expertise. If you want to learn Salsa, you can't do better than Salsa Crazy's DVD series.

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5The Instruction I was Looking For (needed)!  Feb 04, 2006
By Breeze
Turns out that the first couple weeks were the hardest for me. (Took me 3 weeks of regular practice with DVD 1 to get the basic step.) I recently mastered this second DVD and figure that by the time I finish the third, I will finally feel confident about my dancing.

I have no doubt that my progress is because of the great instruction given on the DVDs and the fact that the methods used in the first DVD are the same as in the second and in the third. It's like a real teacher where once you get used to their method, you know what to expect and how to adapt.

I always wanted to dance but time after time I thought I'd proved to myself it just wasn't my thing. Salsa (and these Salsa Crazy DVDs) have shown me that I had the dancing gene inside of me the whole time...just needed the right instruction to bring it out. Thanks Salsa Crazy.

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5The only word to describe it: Great!  Jun 29, 2006
By Kris
The great thing about the Learn to Salsa Dance DVDs is that they're consistent. The instructors, the close ups, the teaching style, all of it helps you as a student to focus on the dances being taught. Another great thing about volume 2 is that the DVD stands on its own. By that I mean that you don't have to have done the first DVD in the series to be successful with this one (though from some of the other comments posted it seems as though it does help) so they're great for anyone who's looking to start learning Salsa but is too proud to start from ground zero.

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5Open break. Closed position. Turn, turn, turn some more!  Dec 07, 2005
By E. Sirlani
If you thought the pace of the first SalsaCrazy Learn to Dance Salsa DVD was too slow, the second DVD in the series might just be right up your alley. The pace certainly quickens.

Evan Margolin and Moira Denike return in SalsaCrazy presents Learn To Dance Salsa Beginners Volume 2, picking up basic dance lessons right where they left off in the first DVD. Dancers wise enough to tackle the Beginners Salsa Dance DVD 1 before starting this one will have an edge on those who jumped to this DVD. Even still, those who skipped to the beginners DVD 2 and have had some experience with Salsa dancing will catch on fairly easily.

In this DVD, you will learn a variety of turns-the inside turn, turns with neck rolls, belly roll turns, etc.-and other moves like the hammerlock. Don't let the terminology scare you. Each step is broken down for you with close-up shots inset on the screen to really help you study the move. Through reviewing the entire series, I've learned that those are key aspects present in all of the Beginners DVDs of the SalsaCrazy Learn to Dance Salsa series.

This DVD also gives a great deal of attention to making the perfect turn when completing patterns. From where the leaders' thumbs and palms should be to how followers should keep their hands and elbows so turns are smooth, seemingly effortless motions, Evan and Moira make sure you know exactly what to do. After that, it's on to learning patterns and variations on those patterns. By the end of the DVD you'll know enough moves to keep things interesting throughout an entire song...and through the entire night if they have enough endurance to manage. (No worries, I'm told it takes time to build up to be a Salsa pro that can stay out on the dance floor all night without getting too winded.)

Typically, I'm not a fan of instructional DVDs but this and the other SalsaCrazy Learn to Dance Salsa DVDs have proven to be light-years beyond others on the market. I would, without hesitation, recommend the DVDs to anyone looking to learn to Salsa dance.

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