Dance Workout

Dance Workout

SalsaCrazy Presents: Salsa Dance Workout and Fitness DVD

SalsaCrazy Presents: Salsa Dance Workout and Fitness DVD
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SalsaCrazy Presents: Salsa Dance Workout and Fitness DVD



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Product Details:
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 1
Run Time: 120 minutes
DVD Release Date: January 01, 2008
Average Customer Rating: based on 162 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 162 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

23 of 24 found the following review helpful:

2No here, not there  May 19, 2007
By J Sanchez
Unfortunately this dvd is not upto the quality of other salsacrazy products. Neither is good to learn salsa nor as a workout routine.

The salsa steps are covered too briefly and only from the man point of view (so ladies can't learn their steps), but at the other side the steps you need to learn are too complex for a workout.

If you want to learn salsa get The complete salsa mastery from SalsaCrazy. For effective workout, get something else.

18 of 19 found the following review helpful:

5Wonderful Practice for Beginner/Intermediate Salsa Dancers  Dec 26, 2006
By [I help women become authors] Katey Coffing, Ph.D. /
I got this DVD yesterday for Christmas and I popped it in the player today. To my surprise, I ended up going through entire the DVD from start to finish because it was so much fun. I LOVED it.

If you aren't particularly interested in salsa dancing and are just looking for a good workout, I'm not sure this is the best DVD for you. It certainly works your legs and hips, but doesn't do much with your upper body. But if you love dancing and want to be able to practice salsa while getting your heart rate up, this workout could be perfect.

I used to be an intermediate salsa dancer, but after a break of five or so years, I now have to re-learn things I used to know. I bought SalsaCrazy's "Learn to Salsa Dance" DVDs for Beginners, and they are quite good--but as you might expect, *those* DVDs are mainly for learning new steps. The Salsa Dance Workout actually gives you practice time using steps in combination, and the pace lets you work up a sweat. I'm going to use the Workout to solidify my footwork and enhance my dancing all while revving my heart. And I can do the Workout without a partner. (You can do the "Learn to Salsa" series solo, but you won't get as much out of it.)

Half or two-thirds of the DVD's playing time is devoted to learning the steps, but once you have those, you can go through the mini-workouts, each around 6 minutes long. There are one or two beginner workouts, three or four intermediate ones, and a bonus intermediate/advanced one. If you put them all together, you get a nice set that doesn't take up too much of your day. (And two hours later, my thighs are feeling it!)

I hope SalsaCrazy puts out an Intermediate/Advanced Workout with even longer (or more) mini-workouts sometime--I'd happily buy it.

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5Low-Impact & Fun?! Now There's No Reason To Not Exercise.  Jun 17, 2006
By K. England
Low-Impact & Fun?! Now There's No Reason To Not Exercise.

This appropriately named dance workout is an innovative and fun way to get that recommended 20-30 minutes of cardio in a couple times each week. From the title, you can discern that it's not your typical workout and once you begin the lesson, that notion will be confirmed.

While most workout DVDs begin with a warm-up, Salsa Dance Workout begins with a dance lesson. For the beginners' workout, the instructors demonstrate five different dance moves. They include: the Basic step and Side Basic step, the Double Forward & Double Back Break, the Cumbia Step, and Shoulder Shakes. The instructor takes care to give implicit directions on how to do each of the movements then proceeds with multiple counts of eight, both with and without music, so that the movement can be practiced. If you find that the beginners' workout is too elementary for you, then fast-forward to the intermediate workout. The challenge-factor definitely goes up, way up.

The intermediate workout follows the same format as the beginners' in that the instructor will teach the dance moves then take you through a run through with music but the difference is there's a whole lot more dance moves that are taught (3 times as many) and that run through with the dances back-to-back, well that's a whole lot more to handle. It's all in good fun though. And guess what. There's more good fun to be had because after the intermediate workout, there's also an advanced workout. Forget about instruction and explanation of moves on that one. The name of the game for the advanced workout is "catch the beat and be ready to go right into the dance move that's called out".

It's inevitable that users will learn the dances demonstrated and the initial workouts shown but boredom is a lot farther away with this DVD than other workout videos because the intermediate and advanced workouts have multiple variations of the work out; So in a sense, there are 7 different workouts on included on the DVD...Actually, eight if you include the bonus workout that's accessible from the menu. Other nice features of the DVD are the fact that the workouts are separate choices on the menu so you can decide which workout you'd like to do each day and that despite the fact that the DVD doesn't begin with a warm-up there is an optional warm-up provided for those who'd like to stretch before they dance.

All in all, Salsa Workout is a great, innovative, and fun workout. It's offers a low impact means for people of most ages and fitness levels to get some exercise and learn a thing or two about Salsa.

13 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5Bye-Bye Boredom  Jun 12, 2006
By Sky
I like to Salsa and I hate to exercise. This is the DVD that got me off my steadily growing tail and started doing regular exercise. It's a fun, invigorating but not too intense workout. I like this over other exercise DVDs because you're working your body physically like you would doing other exercises but the way you're doing it it's kind of like you're tricking yourself into exercising. That may sound weird but once you try it, you'll understand what I mean.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

1it's a basic step lesson video  May 06, 2007
By CMGC "meowie"
It's a basic step lesson video, there is not much 'workout' to it at all. The instructor teaches all moves with the leader's footwork. "Whoo, almost lost my balance", he says at one point. It seems like the same basic step over and over with slight variations, like a tap. It's not 'fun and energetic' - it's repetitive and boring. He does the same routine 3 times with different music. For the price, get something else.

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